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R-134a is a single-component non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant.  Until quite recently, it has been the refrigerant of choice for automotive air conditioning applications (see also R-1234yf).  It is typically a medium temperature refrigerant used in large chiller applications and some commercial refrigeration applications, as well as transport refrigeration.  R-134a is also used as a component in other HFC blends.

R-134a is not compatible with mineral oil, and equipment manufacturers recommend Polyol Ester (POE) oil except for automotive air conditioning where Poly Alkylene glycol (PAG) oil is preferred.  See our Lubricants section for more information.  R-134a can be used to retrofit existing R-401A and R-409A systems, however it will be necessary to carry out a number of oil flushes when changing to POE oil.

APPLICATIONS:  Industrial and commercial refrigeration / Air conditioning / Fluid cooling / Heat pumps
OIL REQUIREDPOE (PAG for automotive)
GWP:  1430