Aerosol Propellants

We offer a wide range of aerosol propellant gases in pure substances or in tailor-made blends. Our know-how is based on the optimisation of formulations, packaging, substitution and analysis.

These include: liquified gases, liquids and blends.


  • n-butane
  • isobutene
  • propane
  • HFO 1234ze
  • DME
  • HFC 134a
  • HFC 152a
  • propylene


  • n-pentane
  • isopentane
  • HCFO 1233zd


With know how in formulating, handling and packaging of propellants, we can also offer special blends such as:

  • isopentane/isobutane
  • n-pentane/isobutane
  • n-butane/propane
  • n-butane/isobutane
  • isobutane/propane
  • n-butane/isobutane/propane
  • 1-butane/propylene
  • 1-butene-propylene
  • DiMethyl Ether DME / DME blends
  • HFO 1234ze / HFO 1234ze blends


We offer a range of packaging from a bulk of 20 tonnes to a 1 litre sample.

  • BULK – up to 20 tonnes
  • CONTAINERS – 930 litres
  • DRUMS – 217 litres
  • BOTTLES – 26 & 88 litres
  • CANS – 30 litres
  • SAMPLE – 1 litre

Our engineering department is involved in the implementation of flammable gases and liquids, storage, maintenance and requalification of installations.


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