Climalife Contact No 17

Climalife Contact 17 A2L Refrigerants: Technology for an eco-efficient cold chain   The latest edition contains : a number of A2L refrigerant case studies, essential criteria when choosing a heat transfer fluid, why cleaning is important for refrigeration systems, Solstice® N15 (R-515B), a new low GWP A1 refrigerant to replace R-134a, New Frionett® Activ’ one shot: Activ' against viruses!

UK Newsletter No 3

This edition includes latest market views and presents all the refrigerants we offer for retrofit and new equipment, each supporting the next stages of F-Gas.  We feature a case study on the refurbishment of our new UK offices and talk about the decision making process when selecting the HVACR equipment.   We introduce many more of our team to you in this edition, as well as an interesting case study from Neil Roberts of Chemours plus ...

Climalife Contact No 16

The rise in the size of the world’s population to over nine billion by 2050 will increase demand on the world’s food supply (+60%), which is already raising questions about over-consumption of all resources connected to refrigeration processes. The cooling industry currently accounts for 15% to 20% of the world's total electricity consumption. It is now vital that all refrigeration players, including those in industrial ...

UK Newsletter No 2

This edition contains useful refrigerant articles from Peter Dinnage, case studies from Chemours and Honeywell plus an interview with JD Cooling's MD John Dye.   Find out more about how Bacharach MGS400 series gas detection was used on a CO2 system plus useful advice for handling and storing lubricants, details of our new Frionett cleaning product range and an interview with our HTF Product Manager, talking about HTF use in the food ...

Climalife Contact No 15

Over recent years, connected tools have grown rapidly throughout the world and are changing our habits both at home and it work.  The internet of things is also gradually becoming an integral part of the lives of refrigeration and air conditioning professionals, for example in monitoring a thermodynamic installation or to control temperature maintenance of equipment.   This edition of Climalife Contact looks at some of the tools available ...

UK Newsletter No 1

Welcome to the first IDS Climalife UK Newsletter dedicated to refrigeration and air conditioning professionals in the UK.  In this edition we look at the refrigerant market and the need to move to lower GWP solutions. With case studies, F-Gas guidance and a handy refrigerant guide.

Climalife Contact No 14

People throughout Europe are focusing on energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprints. But we are no longer alone. The rest of the world is starting to take a bigger interest in these issues in light of climate change and future electricity availability issues.   In this issue, we take a look at this topic and present a number of innovative case studies, as well as a feature on new low-flammability fluids and interviews on the ...

Climalife Contact No 13

As the year 2017 came to a close, particularly as regards the availability of R-404A, market participants became fully aware of the concept of quotas and its consequences.   It is now time to change our habits, because the other technical fluids of the installation have a role to play in reducing fluid consumption and improving the functioning of thermal systems.

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