UK Newsletter No 6

Climalife were reflecting on the previous 3 editions of the newsletter and noted the enormous challenges that we as a nation and as an industry have had to endure in the past 3 years (COVID/BREXIT/WAR). At the time of writing, whilst there continue to be challenges around the world things seem to be stabilising and we are starting to see some green shoots in the recovery of the economy.

Climalife Connect 23

At the time of writing, players in the HVACR sector are still voicing their concerns about the feasibility and effectiveness of the prohibition measures on the agenda of the draft revision of the F-Gas II regulation. A new trialogue is scheduled for 5th October. If an agreement is reached, the date of the final vote in the European Parliament will probably be in November.

Climalife Connect 22

The definition of carbon neutrality is well known to all. The way to achieve this European objective by 2050 needs to be defined, step by step, by aligning ourselves on a single path to better protect our environment and to have the choice of technology that meets the very different needs of industries.

Climalife Connect No 21

The energy transition, digital transformation and supply chains are currently disrupting markets throughout the international economy, particularly by reorganising investments, production and trade as well as reshaping consumer expectations. Happy reading!

UK Newsletter No 5

Over the last couple of years we have talked about the challenges this industry has faced, such as COVID and then Brexit. In this edition we talk about the more recent challenges and the impact on costs and continued global supply problems. This edition also takes a deep dive into the Climalife team where we welcome four new team members and celebrate two retirements. We also highlight our 'Green Team' initiatives and a win at the ACR & ...

Climalife Connect No 20

Our society is changing and must intensify its efforts to address the challenges after the Covid 19 crisis. Economic, social and environmental processes are interlinked and cannot be dealt with in isolation. Sustainable development requires long-term structural change so that future generations can benefit, and their needs can be fully met. Happy reading!

Climalife Connect No 19

Climalife accelerates its transition to a circular economy! Always with sustainable development at it’s heart, Climalife strengthens its position as leader in working fluids and associated services. And, becomes the expert in eco-efficient solutions to service the industry.

UK Newsletter No 4

This edition includes market views from the experts at Climalife as well as two of the large refrigerant producers; Chemours and Honeywell. We welcome Neil Roberts to the Climalife team and also celebrate Peter Dinnage's career with the company and his upcoming retirement. We have case studies and product guides, an introduction to our dedicated Customer Experience team as well as interviews with some of the key UK training providers.

Climalife Connect No 18

Our magazine, Climalife Contact, which you have been enjoying for many years has been adapted to include new sections and is now called Climalife Connect.   Our mission is to connect you to the eco-efficient industry of tomorrow!

Climalife Contact No 17

Climalife Contact 17 A2L Refrigerants: Technology for an eco-efficient cold chain   The latest edition contains : a number of A2L refrigerant case studies, essential criteria when choosing a heat transfer fluid, why cleaning is important for refrigeration systems, Solstice® N15 (R-515B), a new low GWP A1 refrigerant to replace R-134a, New Frionett® Activ’ one shot: Activ' against viruses!

UK Newsletter No 3

This edition includes latest market views and presents all the refrigerants we offer for retrofit and new equipment, each supporting the next stages of F-Gas.  We feature a case study on the refurbishment of our new UK offices and talk about the decision making process when selecting the HVACR equipment.   We introduce many more of our team to you in this edition, as well as an interesting case study from Neil Roberts of Chemours plus ...

Climalife Contact No 16

The rise in the size of the world’s population to over nine billion by 2050 will increase demand on the world’s food supply (+60%), which is already raising questions about over-consumption of all resources connected to refrigeration processes. The cooling industry currently accounts for 15% to 20% of the world's total electricity consumption. It is now vital that all refrigeration players, including those in industrial ...

UK Newsletter No 2

This edition contains useful refrigerant articles from Peter Dinnage, case studies from Chemours and Honeywell plus an interview with JD Cooling's MD John Dye.   Find out more about how Bacharach MGS400 series gas detection was used on a CO2 system plus useful advice for handling and storing lubricants, details of our new Frionett cleaning product range and an interview with our HTF Product Manager, talking about HTF use in the food ...

Climalife Contact No 15

Over recent years, connected tools have grown rapidly throughout the world and are changing our habits both at home and it work.  The internet of things is also gradually becoming an integral part of the lives of refrigeration and air conditioning professionals, for example in monitoring a thermodynamic installation or to control temperature maintenance of equipment.   This edition of Climalife Contact looks at some of the tools available ...

UK Newsletter No 1

Welcome to the first IDS Climalife UK Newsletter dedicated to refrigeration and air conditioning professionals in the UK.  In this edition we look at the refrigerant market and the need to move to lower GWP solutions. With case studies, F-Gas guidance and a handy refrigerant guide.

Climalife Contact No 14

People throughout Europe are focusing on energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprints. But we are no longer alone. The rest of the world is starting to take a bigger interest in these issues in light of climate change and future electricity availability issues.   In this issue, we take a look at this topic and present a number of innovative case studies, as well as a feature on new low-flammability fluids and interviews on the ...

Climalife Contact No 13

As the year 2017 came to a close, particularly as regards the availability of R-404A, market participants became fully aware of the concept of quotas and its consequences.   It is now time to change our habits, because the other technical fluids of the installation have a role to play in reducing fluid consumption and improving the functioning of thermal systems.

Climalife Contact No 12

The establishment of quotas for CO2 equivalent tonnes (tCO2eq) emissions have a major impact on the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.  On the market, this has resulted in a shortage and a spike in prices, particularly for high-GWP refrigerants, like R-404A.  To fix this problem, it is important to act now. More than ever, companies need to work fast to educate those who own cooling equipment. We have therefore dedicated this ...

Climalife Contact No 11

“R-404A: retrofit now for peace of mind in 2018!” - this is the challenge for everyone involved in the profession! In this edition, discover how to manage the use of the new refrigerants and which solutions to choose to replace the R-404A. And for daily help, don't forget to download the special mobile applications for refrigeration technicians!

Climalife Contact No 10

Heat transfer has the wind in its sails!  You'll see in this new issue of Climalife Contact how heat transfer fluids are being recognised.  Read the magazine and our latest case studies and you'll find out why manufacturers are turning to plant-based fluids. Plus, the magazine has a new design!  Great new look, same great content!

Climalife Contact No 9

At this time of the COP21 climate change conference, refrigeration professionals will be well aware of the climate change challenge that has been with us for a number of years.  From CFCs to HCFCs, we are now looking at replacing HFCs. In the new issue of Climalife Contact, we have included case studies that demonstrate the implementation of some reliable, efficient and sustainable product alternatives.

Climalife Contact No 8

Within the latest edition of Climalife Contact, Climalife dedicates its reports to the subjects of energy efficiency and innovation. 16 pages to inform you on refrigerant regulation and the F-Gas quotas, its impact on the air conditioning and refrigeration market, and many others articles and case studies which highlight newly available solutions on the market, for various applications. Climalife informs you the best way to help you achieve your ...

Climalife Contact No 7

In the latest edition of Climalife Contact magazine you will find details of Climalife's exciting new mobile app called F-Gas Solutions offering refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals support when dealing with F-Gas II regulations coming into force on 1 January 2015. Also featuring useful articles and case studies, discussing leak detection, lubricants, commercial cooling and refrigerated transport.  ...

Climalife Contact No 6

A 16 page special edition to inform you of changes for thermal systems covering: - Everything you need to know about the new F-Gas Regulation - Case studies on future solutions: R-407F, Greenway®, etc - Cleaning services for heating systems

Climalife Contact No 5

This latest issue is devoted to technical fluids in the context of the upcoming regulatory changes. Experts offer you the benefit of their experience to help you select a replacement refrigerant. Specific case studies from the worlds of commercial and industrial cooling are provided to illustrate this change.

Climalife Contact No 4

In this latest issue you can find out all about HFOs and 4th generation fluids. See also the latest case studies produced with Greenway Solar, the new heat transfer fluid produced from a renewabe plant-based source. Also included is a case study featuring Performax LT, the replacement for R404A. The issue also features a life-cycle analysis of heat transfer fluids, for your information.

Climalife Contact No 3

You will discover everything you need to know about liquid energy sources in this specialist European magazine designed for professionals. The following themes will be covered in this edition: - Processing spent liquid energy sources - Questions from installation engineers and expert opinions on glycolated water - Greenway®, the natural, sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources - Control over the entire circuit, from composition ...

Climalife Contact No 2

In this European magazine for heating system professionals, edited by Climalife, you will find the best production solutions for: - clean-up operations for refrigeration, air conditioning or heating systems - the building of systems adapted to your processes - technical fluid management as well as the latest regulatory news and new products, such as distribution and inversion skids, the GRV concept, and the Performax LT.

Climalife Contact No 1

Climalife, part of the Dehon Group, launches its new-look magazine in Europe: a new name, a revisited template for better visibility, clarity and rhythm, and a main theme running through the magazine. This first European magazine for professionals in the refrigeration, climate control and heating industry is available in English, French, German, Dutch and Hungarian and is further proof of Climalife's promise to assist you in your everyday work ...

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