R1234yf is a new low GWP refrigerant to replace R-134a used in car air conditioning since the European MAC directive prohibited the use of refrigerants with a GWP over 150 in new model type cars from 2011 and all new cars from 2017. With a GWP of less than 1, R1234yf meets this criteria comfortably and has a very low environmental impact.


R1234yf reduced CO2 emission

R1234yf is as efficient as R-134a with the same cooling capacity but uses less fuel, producing 20-30% less CO2 emissions and therefore a significant decrease in carbon footprint. R1234yf is already being used extensively in the car air conditioning market and has been verified as being safe to use after extensive testing by third parties and car manufacturers.


Our R1234yf Packaging

We supply R1234yf in 5KG and 11KG cylinders and conform to AHRI 700-2016 specfications.

  • R1234yf has a GWP of less than 1, 99% lower than R-134a
  • An atmospheric life of 11 days, R-134a is 13 years
  • Vehicles using R1234yf consume less fuel and produce 20-30% less CO2

APPLICATIONS: Automotive air conditioning
GWP: 1*

*GWP values are those stated according to the 5th IPCC Assessment Report on Climate Change.