Low GWP Refrigerants

Climalife stock replacement options for R-404A, R-401A, R-507 and R-134a, also stocking the HFO based blends from Chemours and Honeywell including the new very low GWP A2L refrigerants.

The choice of low GWP refrigerants is growing, so it's a case of selecting the most appropriate one for your application.  Very low GWP solutions include carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, HFOs such as R-1234yf, R-1234ze and R1233zd, whilst R32 is a low GWP HFC.  Refrigerant blends with lower GWP than the refrigerants they are intended to replace are designed to achieve the right properties that single components cannot.
Some are designed to be non-flammable, whilst others have very low flammability and are classed by A2L by safety standards.  Considerations such as equipment approvals, charge size, flammability, location, use, handling and cost will each determine which refrigerant can or will be used.
Climalife regularly source and prepare case studies featuring the new lower GWP refrigerants.  Check out our individual product pages or ask us for more details.

Climalife are your one stop shop for low GWP refrigerants. Offering a comprehensive range of refrigerants for all applications, helping you to meet the F-Gas phase down steps.

Opteon XL10
R717 (Ammonia)
R744 (CO2)
R448A Solstice® N40
R449A Opteon™ XP40
R450A Solstice® N13
R452A Opteon™ XP44
R452B (Opteon™ XL55 / Solstice® L41y)
R454A Opteon™ XL40
R454B (Opteon™ XL41 / Solstice® 454B)
R454C Opteon™ XL20
R455A Solstice® L40X
R513A Opteon™ XP10

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