Opteon XL10

Opteon™ XL10

Ultra low GWP (4) A2L safety class alternative to R-134a for use in medium and low temperature refrigeration and heat pump applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra Low GWP – Long term sustainable and compliant with F-Gas legislation
  • Equivalent cooling performance to R-134a – Same compressor size compared to R‑134a
  • Single component refrigerant – can be used in direct expansion and flooded systems. No temperature glide.
  • Boiling point -29°C – Positive suction pressure in low temperature applications

Packaging and Supply

  • Climalife supply Opteon™ XL10 in 5kg or 11kg returnable cylinders.
  • Conforms to AHRI 700-2016 specifications.
  • As Opteon™ XL10 is safety class A2L, it is important to use the right equipment for handling Opteon™ XL10.

Why Choose Climalife?

Climalife are a key player in the distribution of refrigerants and other climate control products, with a nationwide distribution network and product knowledge that is second to none.

How does Opteon XL10 compare to R-134a?

Opteon™ XL10 has an equivalent cooling performance to R-134a and very similar pressure temperature relationship making it an ideal ultra low GWP alternative to R‑134a. Opteon™ XL10 does have the safety classification A2L due to its low flammability. Opteon™ XL10 should only be used in systems compatible for use with low flammability refrigerants.

Full theoretical performance comparisons at customer specified conditions are available from Climalife on request.



Chemical Formula

(R1234yf) CF3CF=CH2

Molecular Mass


Boiling Point (at 1 Atmosphere)


Dew Point (at 1 Atmosphere)


Saturated Liquid Density at 25°C

1091.9 kg/m³

Saturated Vapour Density at 1.013bar

5.980 kg/m³

Saturated Liquid Pressure at 25°C

6.826 bar

Saturated Liquid Pressure at 50°C

13.023 bar

Critical Temperature


Critical Pressure

33.822 bar

Critical Density

475.6 kg/m³

Critical Volume

0.00210 m³/kg

Latent Heat of vapourisation at 1.013bar

180.2 kJ/kg

Thermal Conductivity of Liquid at 25°C

63.5 mW/(m.K)

Thermal Conductivity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar

13.8 mW/(m.K)

Surface tension at 25°C

6.17 mN/m

Viscosity of Liquid at 25°C

0.153 mPa.s

Viscosity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar



0.011 mPa.s

Specific heat of liquid at 25°C

1.392 kJ/(kg.K)

Specific heat of vapour at 25°C and 1.013bar



0.9052 kJ/(kg.K)

Cp/Cv ratio at 25° and 1.013 bar


Lower Fammability Limit (LFL) in air (EN 378)


Flash Point


ISO 817 / ASHRAE 34 Safety Classification


PED Fluid Group


Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)


Global Warming Potential (GWP) IPCC AR4/IPCC AR5


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