R437A is an easy to use, non-ozone depleting HFC retrofit refrigerant blend of R134a, R125, R600, and R601.  This product is suitable to replace refrigerants that replaced R12 in automotive, stationary air conditioning, and direct expansion medium temperature stationary refrigeration systems.  It is an ideal replacement for HCFC containing blends R401A/B and R409A/B.

R437A provides better cooling capacity and comparable energy efficiency to R12 but with lower discharge temperatures.  It provides a quick, easy and cost effective retrofit and in most cases no change of oil is required as it is comparable with traditional and new lubricants.  This product can easily be topped up during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge.  As R437A is a blend, it should always be removed from the cylinder as a liquid when charging the system.


APPLICATIONS: Automotive air conditioning / Stationary refrigeration
GWP: 1805


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