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R507 is a azeotropic blend of non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerants (R125 and R143a).  It has similar properties and characteristics to R502 and R404A and can be used in similar applications at medium and low temperatures, typically industrial process chilling.  Although R507 is classed as an azeotrope, we recommend that it should always be removed from the cylinder as a liquid when charging the system.  R507 is not compatible with mineral oil, and equipment manufacturers recommend Polyol Ester (POE) oils - see our Lubricants section.

R507 has the potential to be used to retrofit some existing R22 pump circulation or flooded evaporator systems, however, it will be necessary to change the oil to a POE and some component changes may also be necessary.  Any such conversion needs to be fully evaluated before proceeding, taking into account the properties of R507.  R507 may be used to retrofit existing R502 systems, however it is necessary to change the oil to POE.

APPLICATIONS:  Industrial refrigeration
GWP:  3985