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R423A (ISCEON® 39TC)

ChemoursTM ISCEON 39TC is an easy to use, non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant brend of R134a and R227ea, developed to replace R12 in centrifugal chillers,  ISCEON 39TC provides similar cooling capacity and comparable energy efficiency when compared to R12 with similar discharge pressures and temperatures. 

ISCEON 39TC provides a quick, easy and cost effective retrofit typically requiring a single lubricant change to Polyol Ester without the need for flushing.  It avoids the expensive engineering changes required to convert existing chiller equipment to R134a.  This product can be topped up during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge.  ISCEON 39TC is a blend and should always be removed from the cylinder in as a liquid when charging the system.

APPLICATIONS:  Centrifugal chillers
GWP:  2280