R515B Solstice® N15

  • Solstice® N15 is an azeotropic blend and is a product classified as non-flammable (A1) which can be used in applications similar to R-134a.
  • Intended for new installations for applications such as chillers, heat pumps or air conditioning in extreme environments (e.g. foundry crane AC).
  • With a GWP of 293 according to IPCC4, R-515B offers a low environmental impact alternative in applications where the long-term solution R-1234ze (GWP < 7) cannot be implemented for regulatory criteria.
  • The refrigerating capacity of R-515B is identical to that of R-1234ze but is 25% less than R-134a. The overall size of the compressor will however be identical (larger swept volume but smaller electric motor size to reach the same capacity as R-134a).
  • R-515B has an efficiency equivalent to R-134a and the discharge temperature/pressure of this new refrigerant is much lower than R-134a.
  • R-515B also has the added advantage of being able to operate at high ambient temperatures due to its high critical temperature.
  • Manufacturers offering R-1234ze can easily validate R-515B in a system of the same design.

Consult manufacturer data for more details.

APPLICATIONS:   Chillers, heat pumps & air conditioning applications, including high ambient temperature applications. Suitable  for  both  direct expansion and flooded systems.
GWP: 293


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