HFO Refrigerants

HFO (HydroFluoroOlefin) refrigerants are the fourth generation of refrigerants to be developed and introduced to the market.

They are an alternative refrigerant with low GWP values that reduce environmental impact while offering energy efficiency.

Chemours and Honeywell are both bringing to market new HFO based blends.  

All products are available from Climalife in the UK.

HFO Blends from Climalife
R448A Solstice® N40
R449A Opteon™ XP40
R450A Solstice® N13
R452A Opteon™ XP44
R452B Opteon™ XL55
R452B Solstice® L41y
R454A Opteon™ XL40
R454B Opteon™ XL41
R454C Opteon™ XL20
R455A Solstice® L40X
R513A Opteon™ XP10
R515B Solstice® N15
Opteon XL10

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