Car Air Conditioning Refrigerants

From January 2017, the European MAC Directive dictated that all new vehicles sold have to use a refrigerant gas for air conditioning systems with a GWP value below 150. GWP (or Global Warming Potential), is a measurement used to measure the potential impact of the gas if it is released to the atmosphere. The directive aims to limit emissions of certain greenhouse gases from car air conditioning and reduce their impact on climate change.

R-1234yf is one refrigerant now on the market that meets this requirement and from the 1 January 2017, every single new car coming off the production line will be using it.

Climalife is a key player in the distribution of refrigerants and is already a recognised long term supplier of R-134a to the automotive industry.

Climalife has R-1234yf readily available in 5kg or 11kg cylinders and continue to supply R134a.