Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32 is a high performance, fully synthetic lubricant, formulated with proprietary synthesised Polyol Esters (POE) and a unique additive system that offers outstanding lubricity, wear protection, chemical and thermal stability, and hydrolytic stability.

Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32 is specifically designed for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors and systems using ozone-friendly synthetic HFC refrigerants as well as recently developed HFO refrigerants and HFO/HFC blends with lower Global Warming Potential than HFC's, including A1 and A2L refrigerants as per ASHRAE 34/ISO 817 safety classification.

Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32 is miscible with HFC, HFO and HFO/HFC refrigerants and has well-defined viscosity / temperature / pressure relationships with a wide range of these refrigerants. It also exhibits an optimised miscibility/solubility balance.

Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32 is recommended for use in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), commercial and industrial refrigeration.

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