Mineral oils

Mineral oils used for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors are mixtures of hydrocarbons without wax, especially selected for their excellent fluidity at low temperatures.  This kind of lubricant is particularly suited for use with CFC, HCFC refrigerants and ammonia.

MOBIL ARCTIC 155 / 300

Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 155 and 300 products are high performance naphthenic mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors.  As well as having low pour points and excellent fluidity at low temperatures, other benefits include low wax content, good chemical stability, and their suitability for both cylinders and bearings (reducing oil inventories).

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Suniso GS oils are premium quality oils designed for use with refrigeration compressors using non-HFC refrigerants.  The oils can be used in virtually any installation regardless of compressor or evaporator temperatures, and are most suited for low temperature systems where evaporator temperatures are below -18, in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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