Expansion valve drivers

Expansion Valve Drivers

ExV Sistema – Expansion Valve DriversElectronic Valve Driver ZH   EVD Evolution
Based on CAREL’s extensive experience in expansion valve drivers, EVD evolution is available as a “single” and “twin” driver, the latter able to control two valves independently, with the most commonly- used refrigerants. Simple graphics and a series of LEDs offer an immediate overview of operating status and the main driver functions.   A powerful removable graphic display (EVDIS**0) can be used to configure the driver, providing clear and immediate information on operating status and allowing the controller to be started the first time after selecting just four parameters:

  • refrigerant used
  • valve model
  • type of pressure probe
  • application (chiller, cabinet, etc)

Electronic Valve Driver Twin


EVD evolution can operate in stand-alone mode, or connected to a pCO or the PlantVisorPRO supervisor. EVD evolution can also manage other functions in addition to superheat control, such as hot gas bypass,  evaporation pressure control (EPR), valve control for gas coolers in transcritical CO2 circuits.


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