CPI CP-1009-68

Overview of CPI®-1009-68

CPI®-1009-68 is formulated with high quality hydrotreated mineral oil, combined with an excellent performance additive package.

This lubricant features enhanced oxidation stability and pour point depressant, allowing it to operate over a wide range of temperatures. It has low volatility, enabling decreased maintenance and significantly reduced lubricant consumption.

CPI®-1009-68 is particularly suited for use in ammonia compressors with evaporator temperatures greater than -39°C.

Applications and Compressor Type

  • Ammonia compressors
  • Process gas rotary screw
  • Process gas reciprocating compressors

Features and Benefits

Oxidatively stable Longer system life
Low carry-over Improve evaporator efficiency
Corrosion protection Enhanced system reliability and reduced down-time




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