Climalife introduces Cool-Gauge, an intelligent approach to monitoring levels of Heat Transfer Fluids (HTFs) in your cooling system.







What does Cool-Gauge do?

Cool-Gauge is an intelligent approach to monitoring levels of Heat Transfer Fluids (HTFs) in your cooling system. It monitors constantly showing concentration of typical HTFs such as MPG, MEG, as well as temperature, giving you peace of mind for process critical cooling systems.

Cool-Gauge not only monitors, but in open systems enables automatic dosage of your HTF against specific set points which ensures accurate control of your HTF concentration is maintained at all times, protecting your system from failure and expensive repairs if the HTF level falls too low.

Why use Cool-Gauge?

  • Maintains in-built inhibitor reserves at the correct level to help prevent corrosion and scale build up.
  • Provides accurate and constant HTF monitoring & control.
  • Can help to minimise energy consumption by maintaining optimum viscosity of HTF within the system – which reduces pumping costs.
  • Provides instant notification if HTF levels fall too low preventing expensive and time-consuming system failures.

Advantages of Cool-Gauge

  • Accurate system control and management.
  • Superb data provision.
  • Low maintenance unit.
  • Can be integrated with standard chiller output for remote or standalone monitoring.

General Summary

Cooling systems operating at lower temperature levels use Heat Transfer Fluids (HTFs such as specialised glycols) to protect them from freezing so it is vital that correct HTF levels are maintained. Fluid losses from the cooling system, such as tool head changes, can dilute the recommended reserves which can reduce both anti-freeze protection and the level of scale/corrosion inhibitors usually built in to the HTF formulation. This can render systems vulnerable to serious operational problems. 

Current monitoring practice is to manually take a sample and measure the level of HTF concentration using a hand-held refractometer. Based on the result obtained, a shot dose of HTF is then made and, after adequate recirculation, it is measured again and, if necessary, re-dosed until a sufficient reserve is obtained. This procedure can be infrequent, overlooked or potentially over-dosed as it relies on accurate and timely operator intervention.

In this case, Cool-Gauge addresses a clear manufacturing need as operators strive for ever greater efficiency alongside increased system protection. Cool-Gauge makes Glycol dosed systems easier to control and allows for more accurate dosage whilst also providing superb analytical data to demonstrate that the system is performing to peak operating conditions.


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