Reclaim and Recovery service

It is illegal to deliberately vent refrigerant into the atmosphere, and is therefore necessary that all unwanted product is recovered and handled in a safe and correct manner which doesn't harm the environment.

We are able to provide the industry with a qualified recovery service which ensures that refrigerants are dealt with in accordance with legislation including the completion of all hazardous waste paperwork. We have a fleet of yellow-top 750kg, 50kg and 10kg cylinders fitted with dual port valves especially for this purpose.

In order to comply with the requirement of Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, is it necessary for us to make a charge per consignment returned to us. Where product is cross-contaminated and can not be recycled, it is sent for destruction in a certified way which is not harmful to the environment.

The Environment Agency regularly carry out spot checks on businesses carrying waste to confirm whether they have registered. 

Click HERE to visit the Environment Agency website for more information on how to register as a broker/dealer/waste carrier

For further information on our Waste Management service, please call our office on 01179 802520.

Reclaim and Recovery service