Safety essentials for our customers

Refrigeration engineers that handle refrigerants should be fully trained in their safe use, handling and have read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the refrigerant in use.


Refrigerant safety


To support the industry, Climalife have launched a campaign to supply to many of its customers with high quality safety goggles/spectacles, gloves, and share with them their “Handling Refrigerants Safely” guide.


The gloves and two styles of eye protection (safety spectacles and vented goggles) are of a high specification conforming to European safety standards.


The infographic style guide is a handy reference tool for industry professionals to review and display, with useful reminders on safety measures to take. It also features an added reminder of Climalife’s useful application based tools that can help engineers when managing refrigeration installations.


Handling refrigerants safely


The Climalife salesforce will be out and about visiting their customers over the coming weeks, with lots of safety packs to hand out. Stocks will understandably be limited but Climalife plan to get as many packs out as they can.


Marketing co-ordinator for Climalife UK, Mel Summers said: “Climalife ran a really successful and fun campaign earlier in 2019 across social media; supplying customers with pairs of safety gloves. Photos were shared across social media with the hashtags #safety and #climalifegloves. This is an extension of the safety message, with some new giveaways added to the package. Safety is so important when handling refrigerants, so anything we can do to reinforce this message, we believe is incredibly valuable to the industry.”

Safe handling refrigerants

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