Revision of the F-Gas regulation

On 5 April 2022, the European Commission presented legislative proposals relating to air pollution and climate change, including a regulatory proposal revising EU Regulation N° 517/2014, more commonly known as F-Gas II, on fluorinated greenhouse gases.

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The proposal by the commission aims to accelerate technological change to meet the EU's climate and energy objectives. This legislative proposal for the revision of F-Gas will be translated into all official EU languages. Discussions between the different bodies of the European Commission and the stakeholders will start in order to reach a final text to be voted on in the first quarter of 2023.

The main changes compared to the current version are as follows:

  • Phasing down the use of HFCs and PFCs extended to 2050 to be in line with the timetable proposed by the Kigali Amendment.
  • Change in allowances such as:

    - Reference value of quotas.
    - Metered dose device included.
    - Quotas to be paid for.
  • Removal of some additional exemptions and bans for placing new equipment on the market (Annex IV) compared to the current F-Gas, for example:

    - On heat pumps.
    - Removal of the "commercial refrigeration"distinction.
    - Removal of the exemption for themaintenance of installations < 40 teq CO2.
    - On electrical switchgear.
    - On cosmetic products.
  • Cross surveillance of the European market by the European authorities and traceability.
  • Fight against illegal products.
  • Extension of the scope of the F-Gas Regulation, for example:

    - Certification and recovery of HFOs.
    - Training on alternatives.
    - Promotion of the use of recycled and reclaimed products.


Have your say: the deadline for comments on the proposed revision of the F-Gas Regulation has been extended to 20 June 2022. Every stakeholder can comment.

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