In addition to Greenway, our biodegradable heat transfer fluid, we are also able to offer the renewable energy market a highly effective product designed for the internal cleaning of solar thermal systems to prolong the lifespan of solar thermal equipment and ensure efficient operation. Developed by Climalife, SolRnett is a ready-to-use solution for removing tar and other decomposition products from these systems.  

Solar thermal systems are becoming increasingly popular but are prone to suffering blockages, due to the heat transfer fluid inside degrading prematurely from prolonged exposure to high temperatures.  This causes stress to the system in the form of sensor blockages and a reduction in flow, which ultimately leads to the equipment having to be replaced.  Cleaning the system with SolRnett removes degraded fluid, thus removing blockages and restoring flow, eliminating the need for equipment replacement.

The successful operation of a solar thermal system is directly linked to the internal circuit remaining clean and well maintained.  SolRnett dissolves and removes deposits and blockages caused by the degradation of the heat transfer fluid (HTF).  This degradation may be due to the exposure of the HTF to prolonged high temperatures, where breakdown of the fluid can cause the build up of a tar like substance on the inner surface of the pipe-work, which can lead to reduced flow rates and eventually a blockage.  In extreme cases this can lead to the system being replaced, however Climalife proposes that SolRnett is used to keep the system clean and prevent replacement costs.

SolRnett is a ready-to-use formula which works quickly (between 20-30 minutes in most cases) and is compatible with all commonly used materials.

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