Winter is coming! Spotlight on heat transfer fluids


As we head towards the winter months, now is a good time to review the performance of your heating and cooling systems.  This month Climalife are directing the spotlight on heat transfer fluids.


When heat transfer fluids age, they can become susceptible to the cold – common problems such as rusting, the formation of sludge and a change in viscosity can reduce the efficiency of systems.  Therefore the need for regular maintenance and servicing is essential, as is the use of a high quality heat transfer fluid.


The main benefits of heat transfer fluids are:

  • The frost protection of central heating and solar heating networks.
  • The efficient transfer of cold production in the case of chilled water air conditioning systems and process cooling.


We would like to emphasise the fact that high quality heat transfer fluids contain corrosion inhibitors and therefore limit corrosion in water systems. 


Don’t get caught out this winter when the ambient temperature drops below freezing.  Make sure now that the strength of the fluid in your systems is at the correct level to ensure continued operation throughout the winter months.


Climalife has produced and distributed heat transfer fluids for more than 30 years and offers an extensive range that come either as a concentrate or diluted ready to use.


Frequently Asked Questions


You can rely on Climalife to bring you technical expertise and sharing of best practice.  Click HERE to read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the implementation of secondary refrigerants / heat transfer fluids and their maintenance.


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