The move from R-404A made easy

As the F-Gas phasedown of HFCs takes hold, R-404A will be one of the first high GWP refrigerants to be affected. With a reduction in refrigerant quota already hitting the market this year, and a further 32% cut in the amount of CO2 Equivalent Tonnes allowed to be placed on the market in 2018, there is a need for the market to move faster to alternative refrigerants with a lower GWP. Find out: What is quota? There are some important reasons for considering a move away from R-404A now.

  • Product availability
  • Engineer availability
  • Potential price changes
  • Environmental benefits

Climalife (IDS Refrigeration) stock a complete range of refrigerants for refrigeration and air conditioning applications and are a preferred distributor of Opteon™ refrigerants.

With low GWP products available from stock for immediate supply we can also offer our technical expertise to make sure you make the right choice for your equipment. 

Opteon XP40 (R-449A) is a popular choice for those looking for a lower GWP alternative to R-404A.  With its GWP around a third that of R-404A, in quota terms it means 1 bottle of R-404A = almost 3 bottles of Opteon XP40.

Opteon XP40 has been extensively trialled and successfully used in both retrofit and new installations across a range of applications from supermarkets to cold storage and Dx food processing equipment.

Those who have carried out conversions from R-404A have reported good results with no need to change the oil type and minimal attention needed to expansion valves.

Why not speak to us today to discuss your requirements for moving away from higher GWP Refrigerants.

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