R22 pumped circulation system conversion still running leak-free 4 years on!

At our recent seminar events we presented a case study from back in 2009, from a project involving a pumped circulation system running on R22 which was converted to ISCEON® MO29 (R422D) refrigerant.  The company who carried out the conversion was our customer, Kent-based Southern Industrial Refrigeration Ltd, and when we caught up with them at the seminars we were delighted to hear that the converted system is still running leak-free 4 years on, without the need for any topping up.  With the proposed F-Gas legislation changes also attracting alot of interest, it was re-assuring to know that old systems do not neccessarily leak if they are well looked after.  It is also beneficial for the end user as leaks cost them money, both in repair and refrigerant.

With the complete ban on the use of R22 fast-approaching at the end of next year, we wanted to re-publicise this case study as it may be useful to any companies still deciding on the best conversion method for their customers' R22 systems.

Although ISCEON® MO29 is a proven replacement for R22 in Direct Expansion (Dx) systems, many commentators have been of the view that refrigerants such as DuPont's ISCEON® 9 Series range would not work in pumped systems with flooded evaporators.  Climalife however, in conjunction with DuPont, investigated this further and working with Southern Industrial Refrigeration Ltd identified a customer's medium temperature pumped circulation system which would be an ideal conversion project.  Southern Industrial's customer had a number of systems running on HCFCs which were critical for the storage of fresh farm produce.

Click HERE to download the full case study.

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