Low GWP solutions already available from Climalife

With new updated F-Gas regulations on the way, Climalife already have several Lower GWP solutions available to help the market deal with the changes in the new Regulation that look set to enter into force from 2015.

- Performax LT (R407F) is already proving a very viable lower GWP alternative to R404A in both new and existing equipment for Climalife customers. The 50% reduction in GWP value is also accompanied by energy savings up to 15% compared to R404A. With a number of compressor manufacturers approving the use of R407F, its greater use in new equipment instead of R404A, is widely anticipated.

Although a service and maintenance ban will not apply to refrigerants such as R404A with a GWP >2500 until 2020, the "phasing-down" of the quantity of CO2 equivalent Tonnes of HFCs allowed to be placed on the market, can be expected to impact upon the higher GWP refrigerants such as R404A. With a GWP of 3922, it will mean that for every Tonne of R404A allowed to be sold, 2 Tonnes of R407F could be sold in its place.

- Solstice® ze (HFO 1234ze), a 4th generation HFO fluid with GWP < 1, can replace R-134a, In chillers, CO2 cascades, high-temperature heat pumps or even refrigerators.  The product is already in stock and available.

- Solstice® yf (HFO 123yf) is already supplied by Climalife to meet the growing demand from the automotive aftermarket.


- R-32 with a GWP of 675 is also available from Climalife and is a fluid that has already been selected by some manufacturers for use in residential air conditioning systems. It is important to start preparing now for the handling of flammable fluids. 

- "N13", which is being tested in new installations, will also be an appropriate solution for existing installations. With a GWP of 604, its cooling capacity and energy efficiency are very similar to those of R-134a, which makes it a very interesting alternative solution to R-134a from an energy-efficiency and environmental perspective.

- In addition, Ammonia, CO2 and a range of secondary heat transfer fluids are already available from Climalife with other Low GWP refrigerants expected to be added to the range as they come to market.

Our waste management service for recovered refrigerant also means we will be well positioned to supply reclaimed refrigerant with a GWP >2500 for those who haven’t replaced such refrigerants before 2020.

With years of experience Climalife are well placed to help its customers understand and comply with all the nuances of the new F-Gas regulation.

Full details and information about F-Gas requirements can be found in the latest issue of our Climalife Contact magazine, published in February 2014.


View graph Phase down of HFCs in CO2 equivalent Tonnes compared to a baseline of 2009-2012 average.


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