Climalife supporting the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Christmas 2014 shoebox appeal

Jay Vickery climalifeClimalife Accounts Assistant, Jay Vickery, is a regular helper at local animal sanctuary; Holly Hedge, delivering food donations and helping to walk the dogs in her spare time.

Each year the sanctuary runs a shoe box appeal for Christmas and this year Jay rounded up the troops in the office to support the filling of two shoe boxes.

The boxes quickly filled and soon had to be swapped for two much larger boxes to hold all the kind donations from the Bristol based staff and their friends and family. Holly hedge shoebox appeal              Holly Hedge Shoebox appeal              Holly Hedge Shoebox appeal Jay delivered the donations in time for Christmas and the staff and animals at Holly Hedge were absolutely delighted.
To find out more about the great work at the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary or to make a donation, please follow the links below.
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Shoebox appeal Holly Hedge  Holly Hedge Christmas 2014

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