Climalife adds -55 solution to Greenway range

Climalife's environmentally-aware Greenway range of biodegradable heat transfer fluids now features a new addition in the form of a -55 solution suitable for refrigeration applications.

The Greenway plant-based range aims to offer sustainable alternatives to traditional MEG and MPG-based heat transfer fluids.  Aside from being naturally-derived and more environmentally-friendly, the range also offers excellent energy-saving benefits in a variety of applications.  The new -55 solution provides part of the Greenway RTU (ready-to-use) range, which also includes -25 and -30 versions, designed for use in refrigeration and air conditioning, underfloor and central heating systems.

At temperatures of -50, the Greenway -55 product has a viscosity 4 times lower than an MPG-based equivalent, resulting in substantial reduction in the size of pump required.  The product possesses much lower pressure losses, allowing smaller pumps and pipework to be used, with the potential of a 30%-50% reduction in heat loss, and is suitable for specialist applications where a low temperature is required.  In France for example, the -55 solution is used successfully in a productuction process requiring very low temperatures, and is ideal for transporting cooling in industrial applications involving long sections of pipework where leakage could be a concern.  No matter what the application, Greenway offers a safer and more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional MEG or salt-based solutions.

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