CASE STUDY: Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) refrigerant for new Lincolnshire Co Op stores

In April 2015 Ultra Refrigeration commissioned a new Convenience Store for the Lincolnshire Co-op in Newark with Opteon™XP40 (R-449A), the low GWP replacement for R-404A.

Satisfied with the first install, a further 5 new stores opened in 2015 for the Lincolnshire Co-op using Opteon™ XP40 as the refrigerant and a programme for 2016 is already well advanced.

Opteon™ XP40 from Chemours is a low GWP non-flammable HFO blend with an AR4 GWP of 1397 which is nearly 3 times lower than the GWP of R-404A at 3922 and lower than R-407A and R-407F which were the other two refrigerants under consideration.

The Opteon™ XP40 was supplied by Climalife UK and the refrigerant is readily available from stock in a range of cylinder sizes. Read the full case study

Climalife can advise on a range of Low GWP solutions, along with other information on how Opteon™ XP40 can help those using R-404A meet the phase down requirements of the F-Gas Legislation.

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