Alkyl Benzene oils

Alkyl Benzene oils types were the first synthetic oils to be used in the refrigeration industry.  They are thermally and chemically stable, and are perfectly miscible at low temperatures.  AB oils are recommended for use with refrigerants such as R22 and HCFC blends.  They are compatible with all traditional mineral oils which they can replace where the system malfunctions with the original lubricant.

MOBIL ZERICE S (46 / 68 / 100)

Mobil Zerice S oils are premium quality synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricants, suitable for all refrigeration compressor types, reciprocating or rotary screw types.  The Mobil S range has superior solubility with halocarbon refrigerants, helping to avoid problems of oil separation and congealing on the valve and heat transfer surfaces of the refrigeration system.  These oils also have very low pour and floc points, and their synthetic nature provides excellent chemical stability.

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