F-Gas Regulation - proposed amendments

On the 7th November 2012, the European Commission published its plan to revise European Regulation 842/2006.  This text relates to fluorinated gases and proposes a certain number of future measures for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals, particularly the phase-down of HFCs.

In this plan, the Commission in effect proposes a reduction in the quantity of HFCs put on the market from 2015, to achieve a significant reduction of 79% by 2030.

In parallel, other restrictions are proposed:

1.  Use of R23 prohibited in fire protection and extinguishing agents from 01/01/2015

2.  Use of HFCs prohibited in domestic refrigerators and freezers from 01/01/2015, if the GWP is 150 or higher

3.  Use of HFCs prohibited in commercial refrigerators and freezers (hermetically sealed systems, ie on-board units with brazed pipework) from 01/01/2017, where the fluid GWP is 2500 or higher, and from 01/01/2020 where the fluid GWP is 150 or higher

4.  Use of HFCs prohibited in mobile air conditioning units (hermetically sealed) from 01/01/2020, if the fluid GWP is 150 or higher

For other systems - commercial or industrial refrigeration in particular - the servicing or maintenance of equipment containing HFCs with a GWP of 2500 ir more will be prohibited from 01/01/2020 if the fluid charge is 5t CO2e (ie 1.3kg of R404A) or more.

We will update our Legislation section with updates on this regulation as and when they become available.

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