F-GAS - GWP and Leak Check Requirements

Within the new F-Gas Regulation, the GWP or the means to calculate the GWP of refrigerant blends is defined based on the IPCC 4th Assessment criteria.
The new legislation continues to place high importance on minimising leaks and encouraging regular leak checks depending on the refrigerant charge and gives greater emphasis on leak checking of systems with higher GWP.  To do this the 3kg, 30kg and 300kg leak check requirements have been replaced by different limits based on CO2 equivalent Tonnes. The leak check requirements are for 5, 50 and 500 CO2 equivalent Tonnes. 
A useful guide has been published by ACRIB that not only lists the most up to date GWP values for the most commonly used refrigerants but also and their GWP CO2 equivalent limits based upon 5, 50 and 500 CO2 equivalent tonnes. This 2014 F-Gas Regulation and GWP guide can be opened here.


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