An environmentally-acceptable ready-to-use glycol-free heat transfer fluid, excellent for building HVAC systems, food and refrigeration technologies, and for industrial heat transfer needs.  It is available in 2 concentrations:  Thermera AC (-15) and Thermera R (-35).

Thermera is a mixture of ion-exchanged water and betaine, completed with non-toxic additives.  Betaine, or trimethylglycine, is a natural product and by-product of the sugar manufacturing process, creating an environmentally-friendly end product.  Betaine is used in several products in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, and as a chemical it has been known for decades.

Thermera's thermal performance has been proved to be of the same class as that of the conventional heat transfer fluids.  Thermera offers the advantages of non-toxicity, solute solubility, and excellent cold-flow and anti-corrosive features.

Data sheets:

Brochure Thermera
Safety Data Sheet Thermera
Safety Data Sheet Thermera-R
Technical Data Sheet Thermera