Greenway® Neo N: Now with NSF HT1 certification

The Greenway® Neo N range offers renewable plant-based heat transfer fluids in a concentrate or ready-to-use format suitable for refrigeration, air conditioning, central heating, heat pump and solar thermal applications.


Made from a sustainable and renewable source instead of from fossil fuels, Greenway® Neo N offers a natural, reliable and effective technical alternative to traditional mono propylene glycol (MPG)-based fluids developed from the petrochemical industry.


Overall, it is a clean and environmentally-aware product that also offers real energy-saving benefits.


Greenway® Neo N now has NSF HT1 certification and the Greenway product has been used throughout the UK and across Europe for over ten years with many case studies supporting the product quality.


NSF HT1 certification means that the product is suitable for accidental food contact within the food industry. All ingredients in the formula are FDA certified. The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.


It contains no biocide, no volatile organic compounds and no Borax; a toxic additive according to the 30th European ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress). The anti-corrosive H-OAT (neutralised carboxylic acids) formulation is nitrite and amine free.


The Greenway® Neo N range is formulated using 1,3-propanediol, a raw material of plant origin derived from the fermentation of 99.7% purified glucose syrup, and high-performance hybrid anti-corrosion inhibitors. According to life cycle analysis (ISO 14040 standard), the production of bio-based 1,3-propanediol consumes 50% less energy and halves the CO2 in its manufacture than MPG.


Greenway® Neo N has the same efficiency as the previous formula and is perfectly suited to the needs of food processing applications.


With a lower viscosity than MPG, this plant-based heat transfer fluid offers better performance: it can be used in applications with temperatures down to -55°C, which are unattainable with MPG.


When designing a circuit, its low viscosity also allows professionals to reduce the capital cost but also the energy consumption of their installation thanks to the selection of smaller pumps and smaller pipe diameters.


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