Good Employment Charter

Climalife is proud to announce that it is a supporter of the Good Employment Charter.



The West of England Good Employment Charter is a voluntary accreditation scheme that aims to improve employment standards in the West of England for organisations of all sizes and sectors, through characteristics that will raise the value and quality of work. The Charter supports organisations to become ‘employers of choice’, so they can achieve better productivity and growth, staff retention and recruit top talent.


What is the Good Employment Charter?

The Charter will set the standard for working practices in our region. It supports businesses of any size or sector to improve investment in their staff, enabling more inclusive, equitable and sustainable working practices, positively benefiting people, society, and the wider economy.

Climalife is on the way to becoming an employer of choice and in doing so, will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Higher staff retention rates
  • Better productivity
  • Healthier workplace culture
  • Top talent chooses you


Join the Good Employment Charter today

Join the Charter and get:

  1. A thriving and healthier workplace, with a committed and empowered workforce
  2. Recognition as an employer who is striving to look after their workforce
  3. Full support from the West of England Combined Authority’s Charter team to improve employment practices and create a better working environment by working towards the Charter’s 7 characteristics
  4. Access to a library of resources full of best practice tips, tailored toolkits and support services
  5. Access to the Charter network, which provides events and workshops delivered by industry experts


Find out more and become a supporter today:

The Good Employment Charter is a West of England Combined Authority initiative. The Combined Authority is on a mission to help employers provide a more rewarding, inclusive and sustainable work environment for all their employees. They want to improve and set the employment standard in our region by encouraging organisations of any size, and within any sector, to become supporters and members of the Charter.

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