Bacterial cleaning power of Frionett at London Hotel

A Climalife client was called to look at a London hotel air conditioning system.  The roof had no local water supply which meant that the chillers had not been cleaned for quite some time and were tripping out at high ambient temperatures.  There were also a number of evaporators in the rooms that were found to be badly blocked.

Air conditioning systems such as these can provide perfect conditions for microbial growth.  Moisture, darkness and warmth are three key ingredients for microbial growth and these naturally occurring contaminants use the moisture present in air conditioning systems as a breeding ground.  This growth is accelerated when warmth is added, where fungi and bacteria can colonise and sometimes proliferate to become harmful concentrations.

Climalife's Frionett range of high performance cleaning products were selected to address the problems at the hotel.  These products, approved to EU standards, can act as effective treatment against fungi, mould, algae and bacteria, including Legionella, Salmonella and Listeria.

Air con condenser on roof after clean with FrionettOn the hotel roof, the engineer stripped out the fan motors and sprayed the coils with Frionett Power, a general purpose cleaner for external units.  Frionett Power is an alkaline product, that's intended for the professional cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.  It's cleaning and degreasing power eliminates dust, grease and other dirt on condensers.  A temporary water supply was then run to rinse off the dirt and debris until the water ran clear.

The badly blocked evaporator units in the hotel rooms were completely stripped down and cleaned with Frionett Activ Foam.  Frionett Activ Foam is a powerful cleaner intended for indoor air conditioning units and formulated to eliminate bacteria and algae.  It cleans, degreases and removes foul odours from air conditioning (wall and ceiling units) and refrigeration equipment (evaporators).  Unlike some cleaners that can leave a chemical smell after use, Frionett Activ Foam has a pleasant fresh fragrance.  The results were excellent.

To prevent health risks, odours, blockages or corrosion, microbial growth must be controlled before it becomes a problem. 

It is recommended that appropriate cleaning forms part of a regular service and maintenance schedule - ideally every three to six months, depending on the system.  Growth and spread of micro-organisms can be quickly and simply minimised.

The lasting protection provided through appropriate cleaning can offer peace of mind to contractors, facilities managers and end users who are all responsible for ensuring hygienic operation of systems.  System efficiencies will also be optimised with a reduced likelihood of breakdowns and call outs between servicing.


Frionett Power Ultra is an alkaline, non-corrosive product for the external cleaning of condensers, evaporators, fans, finned coils and more.

Its cleansing and degreasing power eliminates dust, grease and other dirt, and in this way makes it possible to optimise the exchangers' heat transfer and restore performance.  Frionett Power Ultra is available in the 750ml ready to use spray or as a concentrat to be diluted, in a 5l can.


  • Optimise heat transfer
  • Extend the life of the plant
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced opterational costs


  • Highest cleaning and grease removing power
  • Strong wetting: dissolves and absorbs all the dirt
  • Light fragrance
  • Non-corrosive in accordance with applicable regulation
  • Rested by refrigeration and air conditioning professionals
frionett hotel case study condenser on roof

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