COP is the abbreviation often used for Coefficient Of Performance which describes the energy efficiency of a system.


It is the ratio of the energy input to the energy output which for most RACHP applications relates to the electrical input compared to the heating or cooling capacity achieved.


For example, if a refrigeration system is providing 2 kW of cooling capacity but consuming 1 kW of electricity then the COP is 2 (2/1). If the electricity input was just 0.5 kW for the same 2kW of cooling, then the COP would be 4 (2/0.5). The higher the COP value the better the energy efficiency.


COP is an instantaneous measure of energy efficiency and will vary with the operating conditions. COP normally only considers the power input to the compressor but can be extended to included other power consuming components, e.g. fans, and referred to as System COP.

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