Bacharach Gas Detector MGD100

Bacharach MGD-100 seriesThe Bacharach MGD-100 series is a robust and scalable gas detection system used for reliable real-time monitoring of refrigerant, combustible and toxic gases.

The MGD-100 is a stand-alone system that alarms when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.  The MGD-100s alarms are monitored by a centralised controller, which can alert personnel of potential hazardous conditions via an onboard buzzer and LED alarm indicators.  It is a straight forward proven product and offers customers absolute confidence that both safety and compliance requirements are met or exceeded.

It is ideal for:

- Buildings / areas that require reliable, real-time continuous monitoring eg chiller rooms, supermarkets, brewing and bottling facilities, industrial refrigeration, arenas, food storage and processing facilities.

- Customers who want to add gas detection solutions to an existing environment, e.g. chiller installations to meet new legislation and refrigerants, energy and building regulations.

- Refrigerant gases; including Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbons, HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs.

Optional housings available

Bacharach also supply a variety of housings to suit all industry applications so that you can have your ideal solution.  Contact us or see the product information sheet for more details.